Sports Club Project / Pure Heart Center

The purpose of the club is to teach children, adolescents and at risk young people sports and a healthy lifestyle.
ChildRescue Service opened the
Pure Heart Sports Center
The Club purpose
"In 2009, we opened a sports club for the rehabilitation of street children. After a year, our children, who actually grew up on the streets, won prizes at local and regional competitions. Even then, we were convinced that the re-socialization of neglected and homeless children through sports was very effective.

Director of the Sports club Sergei Haydamanchuk

We find children and young people from poor or dysfunctional families or with physical or psychological disabilities who are unable to engage in commercial sports clubs.
We use sports as a tool to involve children in healthy lifestyles and to develop spiritually and socially.
We organize sports activities, trips, meetings, special visits from prominent people, excursions for patriotic and cultural events.
The Sports Center is a strong base for the development of children and youth. It also implements the program of rehabilitation for socially disadvantaged children and groups through sport. Sports training helps physical recovery and development of the child and helps them give up bad habits and develop a healthy lifestyle for their future.

Through participation in the sports group, "Mom, Dad And Me!" Our children participate in competitions, and learn to work in teams. They build relationships with their parents and friends and respect and help each other.

Now we are trying to involve as many children and young people in sports, art, and enrichment classes, in order to create ethical and patriotic habits that will help them form strong characters.

In March, 2008 in the village of Shepherds, we bought a room, (560 square meters) and a playground to create a sports center. (st. P Shepherds St. Odessa highway, 1)

For over eight years, we have had a sports center were children from 5 to 18 years old can develop physically through sports and acquire professional skills.
In the Sports Center, local children and war refugees are engaged in different sports: gymnastics, wrestling, sports dancing, street football, hiking, table tennis, basketball, and rugby. They also can enjoy a free gym, do choreography, be creative with crafts like sewing soft toys or weaving.

Children who train, and are engaged in creative activities, are more disciplined and organized and learn to accept defeat. They also are prepared for an independent life.

A child who previously spent most of his life on the streets can become an example for their peers and they learn they can reach high goals in their lives. We encourage children to life a healthy life, we teach proper use of free time so they appreciate their health and develop their athletic ability.

The pupils in our organization received trophies for first place in street football, a tournament held by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for several consecutive years.
Pursuing competition, our children became the champions of Kyiv region among sports boarding schools, and youth competitions in many sports.
Sport Club Center Pure Heart
Currently there are three branches of the Sports Center:
Kyiv, (livoberezhna metro) the shepherds, and the Peter and Paul, Borschagovka

Some students in our sports center, have grown up and received an university degree and come back to participate in projects. They become trainers for the younger generation and their example brings in new students.