History of the project and important stages of development
We are working to provide social, psychological, legal medical, education and preventive care for children from disadvantaged families and families in crisis.
We create conditions in which women and children can feel comfortable, cared for and receive attention.
We strive to help them graduate and become integrated back into society and help them realize their gifts and talents.

International Charity Organization "ChildRescue Service" has been operating since 2001 and helps protect neglected children. When it was first started in Kyiv, Ukraine, ChildRescue established a network of centers in the suburbs of the city to serve children and their families.

The Center for Humanitarian Assistance was established in 2001. The Center's goal was to provide humanitarian assistance to large, low income families, single people, people with disabilities, families in crisis, orphans and organizations that work with different categories of people.

In 2003 We opened a Day Center for children (St. V.Poryka 13-A) which helped fifteen children at a time.

The main goal of the center was to motivate children to leave the streets and return to their parents and live a healthy lifestyle and build a warm relationship with their family.

In the center, children could eat, wash, and dress in clean clothes.

Since early September 2005 to early 2011, the center was able to help more than two thousand children. Of these, 85 returned home, 60 were sent to rehabilitation and 178 children received medical treatment.

In 2003, on St. Teremkivska 9 in Kyiv, ICO "ChildRescue Service" established a Center for Psychological/social Rehabilitation.

The purpose of the Center was to prepare the child to return to his own family or to be placed in a foster family. Our organization remodeled the facilities with our own funds. The rooms were equipped with modern furniture and created a harmonious atmosphere for the development of the children.

The Center could take in twenty two children at a time. Each child was able to work with psychologists, social workers and medical staff. The Center developed an individual plan which took into the account the specific needs of each child and assessed their needs and how to meet them.

The Center also provided legal services for the children and helped them get their legal documents and if possible, reunited with their biological family. If this was not possible, they would be placed in foster homes. In the Center, the child was free to socialize with other children and friends they would make at school and also attend group events.
The Center worked with 473 children
children returned to their biological family after rehabilitation
child were placed in foster families
graduated into our young adult Center
received training in vocational school
We also created Transition Centers to provide temporary housing for children in crisis (ages 14 to 21) who for various reasons found themselves on the street.

"ChildRescue Service" in conjunction with Kyiv's Children Services, created two branches of the type of "transition apartments" for ten boys and ten girls at a time. One was 158 square meters and the other 124 square meters. Each apartment had a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms with room for two children at a time.

Orphans who had completed school and were temporarily living in a hostel, had not received training to adapt to life. They could not take care of themselves or plan a budget.

We put the children in these Transition Centers where they could receive skills and learn how to take care of themselves. They learned how to buy items, prepare meals, plan a budget and prepare to build their future family.

Dozens of boys and girls received psychological, social education, economic, medical and legal assistance through our organization.

In 2005, Kyiv's City Hospital STI opened a Center for health and social care (St. Heroic, 32) which could hold up to 25 people.

Here any homeless or neglected child was able to undergo a medical examination and treatment for sexually transmitted, infectious skin diseases as well as get tested for HIV.

Since the beginning of March 2006 to January 2011, this Medical Center received 907 children
  • 484 children received treatment;
  • 423 child were screened for skin and venereal diseases and HIV infection.
In 5 years, the Center for health and social care found 45 HIV infected children.

In 2009 the Sports Center was opened (St. Shepherds, Odessa Highway 1)

The purpose of the Center was the rehabilitation of neglected and homeless children through sport.

Since 2005, students of our organization have received trophies for first place in street soccer, a tournament held by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Pursuing sports, the children became champions of Kyiv region among the local boarding schools and youth groups in many sports.